Hey there, sweet reader! My name is Heidi VanderWal. I am the founder of “Crowned Free”, a company that is on a mission to bringing victims of Human Trafficking to freedom.

I will never forget the time God began to put this dream on my heart years ago. It simply started with hearing a speaker discuss the horrible industry known as Human Trafficking.

In the beginning, I honestly had no clue of the tragedy victims of Human Trafficking face. The more time went by, the more I witnessed the heart break from learning what these victims go through on a regular basis. Before starting “Crowned Free”, I was working alongside other direct sales companies. I did this for 20+ years. I believe God used that season of my life to prepare me for all the amazing opportunities that awaited me. Especially, the small dream of simply wanting to help make a change for the voiceless.

I remember a time before ever having the passion of starting my own direct sales business.  There were so many people surrounding me with words of affirmation. I was constantly being reminded that God had something coming for me that would not only be beautiful, but completely out of my own comfort zone. God was consistent with those words he spoke over me. I grew up with the entrepreneurial spirit. I always loved the idea that came with running your own business for myself and my family as well. God was showing me that He would eventually fulfill my vision of running a business of my own.

When the Lord finally brought the dream of starting a direct sales business into a reality, I understood how  new and scary it actually was for me. Despite the intimidations that stood in front of me, God was faithful through it all. We launched our clothing line “Crowned Free”! 
We not only wanted to give back to the victims of Human Trafficking, but also wanted our products to display a meaningful reminder every time someone wore our apparel. I had always been so drawn to the benefits that fashion can accomplish for someone. It is a way someone can truly express themselves to the world.  I wanted the message to be clear that customers were not only purchasing our products, but giving a second chance at life for victims.

Shortly, I received countless messages from women who were asking me on how they can began sharing our movement of wanting to end modern day slavery. They wanted to go a step further in making a change. We soon realized that anyone could be a part of “Crowned Free” and run a business with a mission, alongside me.

I started with minimal information and no experience in fashion, beyond what was in my closet.  However, I had a God-sized dream, and that was enough to keep me going. That perseverance has payed off in ways that could have only happened with faith, friends/family, & the constant support our “Crowned Free”, community.

We couldn’t be more excited to have you on board with us! Are you ready to become a representative, host a pop up shop, and purchase a product that is bringing freedom to our world? If that is you, you are in the right place! Welcome to Crowned Free, Difference Maker.

We love supporting & empowering survivors of Human Trafficking one purchase at a time!