Who is she?  

Focused. Always smiling and grateful for each day. A heart full of joy, always ready for an adventure. A leader to the core who loves to be pretty in pink.

As Chief Crown Officer and Founder of Crowned Free, Heidi loves to spread her sparkle. For over 14 years, Heidi inspired hundreds of woman to own and operate their own businesses as a director for one of the nation’s largest direct selling companies. Her entrepreneurial spirit and heart for supporting other women won her multiple awards in both sales and leadership. Heidi’s exuberance for fashion is overshadowed only by her desire for empowering other woman and helping them find their sparkle. Heidi has a passion for helping woman look and feel beautiful from the inside out.

This is me…

My darling hubby: Mark is a rock star. He is incredibly witty and just plain funny. If you stop by our house unannounced you might find the music blaring with Mark leading an 80’s air band session in the kitchen with the kids. His tagline is #beawesome2day. He lives it and inspires others to do the same. I admire his creativity and problem solving abilities. When things get sticky, he’s at his best! He has mad computer skills. When I’m ready to toss my computer through the window he comes in and saves the day. We love to dream big dreams together. If it’s crazy and over the top, he’s in! He’s an entrepreneur just like me and is co-founder of a learning and training company. 

My awesome kiddos: My two boys Crew and Mcguire and daughter Preslie are the loves of my life, and I am incredibly thankful to have the gift of being their mom! I love their kind hearts, their giving spirits, and how they’re using their God-given gifts. They’re Crowned Free super fans and I love them for it. And a fun little fact: Preslie is the author of the “Free” font in our logo. 

Heidi: Some of my favorite things: Shopping, shopping, and more shopping! I love to hunt for deals and could spend an entire day treasure hunting if time allowed. I love all things fancy and frilly. I’m head over heels for anything with lace or tulle on it! My favorite color is pink. If you were to walk into my office you would say, “Oh my! It’s PINK!” Yep. It’s pink. When we were building our home, the contractors thought it was a nursery. I love fresh-cut flowers—daisies are my favorite. My favorite time of day is mornings. I love to start my day in my cozy pink chair with my journal, iPod, and Bible. It’s been during these times that I have learned that I am Free to Be joyful, fancy, inspired, and radiant. I am free—Crowned Free.

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