Charlotte BIO PIC

Who is she?  

Charlotte represents the Crowned Free Woman—unique and confident.  Charlotte found herself when someone cared enough to put time and energy into her.  Her style and personality are one-of-a-kind.  Truly, there is no one else like Charlotte.  Her smile lights up the room and her sense of style fits in perfectly with her free-spirit.  She enjoys life immensely and loves to become involved in many different activities, such as modeling great clothing.  She is creative and very good at expressing herself.

Charlotte believes that beauty flows from the heart of all women who are resting in the truth that they are loved, seen, known, wanted, and lovely.  Her confidence comes from knowing who she is and standing for what she believes.  

Charlotte’s name means “to be free” and for Charlotte that means she is Free to Be authentic, courageous, happy, different and cherished. Charlotte is Free—Crowned Free.