Heidi and Danielle

Danielle DeSmit (Chief Difference Maker) and Heidi VanderWal (Chief Crown Officer) are Co-Founders of Crowned Free and are the sassy women behind the idea of #WearItShareIt.  When Danielle and Heidi first met back in High School they had no idea that decades later they would partner up to form a company that would benefit sex trafficking victims with every product purchase.


Danielle and Heidi have always had a passion for style, fashion and empowering other woman so when the girls couldn’t quite find the right fashion accessory, their entrepreneurial instincts took over.   Two entrepreneurial spirits + life-long friends to boot = the potential for mountain moving ideas!  In 2014, their fashion idea became Crowned Free.


They both believe that something powerful happens when women embrace and empower other women.   That is why Crowned Free is more than just a clothing line.   Crowned Free combines a love of woman’s fashion with a passion for compassion.

That said, it wasn’t enough to just manufacture clothes and bring them to market.  They wanted more.   Danielle and Heidi wanted something that made a difference in women’s lives.


Danielle and Heidi’s goal in starting Crowned Free is to change the lives of those that have been rescued from human trafficking.  They invest a portion of every sale into several organizations that focus on restoring and rebuilding those who have been rescued from sex trafficking all while provide YOU with amazing fashion that you will make you feel confident, empowered, beautiful and FREE!


In Isaiah 35:10 it states “and those the Lord has rescued will return.  They will enter Zion with singing everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away.”


Who is this Crowned Free woman?  She is you.  She is me.  She is the one that has been liberated from trafficking.  She is the champion. She is brave and courageous.  She is an overcomer. She is fearfully and wonderfully made. She is a conqueror. She is loved.  She is strong.



Danielle and Heidi believe that for such a time as this….Crowned Free came to be.   So fall in love with their whimsical, feminine style clothing.  Dream big dreams.  Believe in the beauty that comes in many shapes, sizes and ages.