Crowned Free Creates Opportunities

for women to own their own cause-based fashion business.

Crowned Free Pop-Up shops happen when girlfriends gather in person or online. All you need to do is get some friends together and your Crowned Free Rep will bring the boutique right to your house! You’ll earn free and half-priced items for hosting and Crowned Free takes care of the give-back!

Here’s how it works:

  1. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS. We provide super easy tools that help get people to your party. Put out some snacks and keep it low key.
  2. SHOP! Your Crowned Free Rep will bring our collection to you so you can pop-up shop.
  3. GET REWARDED! When you host a Crowned Free Pop Up Shop you’ll earn FREE & ½ price items.

At pop-up shops, Crowned Free Representatives have the opportunity to connect their friends purchases with stories of courage, hope and redemption. Each item in our collection represents a step forward in the life of someone who has been trafficked.

make an impact

help human trafficking survivors

Crowned Free was created so women can run their own business and make an impact in the lives of survivors of human trafficking. We financially support and create sustainable jobs for survivors of human trafficking. Every purchase creates opportunities for a survivor and gives our social entrepreneurs flexible income and an opportunity to run their own business. That’s fashion that makes an impact.

You can earn ADDITIONAL half price items for each one of your friends or family who books and holds a gathering from your show!!