Every month Crowned Free donates a portion of it’s proceeds to a specific organization. For the month of January we are giving to The Exodus Road.

The Exodus Road fights human trafficking in three ways. First, they educate thousands through targeted campaigns, both online and at public and private events, and train national leaders. Second, they help rescue victims. Intervention is their main focus. Working with local police partners, they provide investigative resources and technology for rescue missions and the arrests of traffickers. Finally, they provide survivor care. They provide support services to survivors with qualified partners. They also employ local social workers to advocate for survivors during and following raids.


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Wear to Give is part of the #wearitshareit vision of Crowned Free. The purpose of our Wear to Give program is to give our customers an opportunity to share with us WHERE to give. We want to hear from you which organizations you support that make a difference in the lives of rescued victims of sex trafficking so that we might consider them for donations. We donate 15% of our profits to organizations working with rescued women.  Our goal is to have many different organizations as recipients of the funds that are given away through the sale of each garment.

You make a difference with each purchase when you add a garment of Crowned Free’s clothing into your wardrobe. Crowned Free’s main goals are to offer you amazing clothes and change the lives of those that have been rescued from sex trafficking.

You’re wearing it. Together we’re sharing it.

*Crowned Free reserves the right to review any beneficiary company’s mission statement to make sure it lines up with our overall mission and goal.

Crowned Free’s Mission is to employ & empower survivors of Human Trafficking around the world!
When products are purchased, you are supporting individuals who have been able to have a second chance and use their gifts and talents to make beautiful products!
Thanks for making a difference with us!!