Every month Crowned Free donates a portion of it’s proceeds to a specific organization. For the month of August we are giving to:

Willowbend Farms

Willowbend Farms is a non-profit organization with a mission to restore survivors of Human Trafficking, sexual exploitation, and sexual violence. Willowbend Farms was founded in 2017, and located in Cleveland, Tennessee.  They serve 23 counties in east and southeast Tennessee. They are committed to addressing the entire supply and demand of Human Trafficking by offering trauma-informed, strength-based services to minor and adult survivors while simultaneously implementing innovative prevention-based education and awareness to impact change in the community, and the state of Tennessee. 

*Our Monthly Giveback program is an integral part of the vision of Crowned Free.  We give our customers an opportunity to share with us where they want us to donate to fight human trafficking. We want to hear from YOU which organizations you support that make a difference in the lives of rescued victims of human trafficking so that we might consider them for donations. We donate 15% of our profits to organizations working with rescued women. Our goal is to have many different organizations as recipients of the funds that are given away through the sale of each garment.

Together we are using ethical fashion and gifts to fight the injustice of human trafficking.

Monthly Giveback FAQ

How can I be sure that Crowned Free is making monthly charitable donations to anti-trafficking organizations?

Crowned Free commits 15% of the net proceeds from the sales of our collection every month to an anti-trafficking organization. We share and tag each of these organizations on our social media channels so our followers can learn more about who they are supporting with their purchases and also create another level of transparency. If you’d like to see more about how Crowned Free is making an impact you can check out our giving statements by clicking here. We also give back by employing survivors to make over half of our products which are made here in the US and around the world. We work with organizations we personally have connections with who have fair labor practices. That’s of utmost importance to us! Our products are being made here in the US, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, South Africa, Asia, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Israel–literally all around the world! We work with mostly small artisan groups who create our products for us. We also started a program with local survivors in our home town of Grand Rapids, MI who make our candles and pillows for us. You can learn more about that program here: https://youtu.be/XkFEmdMSMng

*Crowned Free reserves the right to review any beneficiary company’s mission statement to make sure it lines up with our overall mission and goal.

Crowned Free’s Mission is to employ & empower survivors of Human Trafficking around the world!

When products are purchased, you are supporting individuals who have been able to have a second chance and use their gifts and talents to make beautiful products!

Thanks for making a difference with us!!

make an impact

help human trafficking survivors

Crowned Free was created so women can run their own business and make an impact in the lives of survivors of human trafficking. We financially support and create sustainable jobs for survivors of human trafficking. Every purchase creates opportunities for a survivor and gives our social entrepreneurs flexible income and an opportunity to run their own business. That’s fashion that makes an impact.

You can earn ADDITIONAL half price items for each one of your friends or family who books and holds a gathering from your show!!