Crowned Free empowers women to become social entrepreneurs by selling clothing, jewelry and accessories at Pop-Up Shops, styling their friends and spreading the passion to put an end to human trafficking. When you become a Representative, you join us in creating sustainable jobs and education opportunities for victims of human trafficking. Join us!

  • Do you want to own your own business?
  • Do you have a heart for giving back?
  • Do you want to make an impact on your community?
  • Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself?
  • Do you want more than just a 9-5 job?
  • Do you love to inspire other women and make a difference?

1. Choose Your Kit
Choose a Crowned Free Starter kit plus earn free clothing, jewelry and accessories during your first 90 days. Pick the Starter Kit that works for you and your budget.
2. Launch
We’ll set you up with your personal website, industry-leading technology, training, and support. No experience needed.
3. Earn Income
Start selling. Earn 25-30% commission. Get paid every two weeks. In your first 90 days earn FREE product just by styling your friends! It’s that easy!

Stylish Start Kit – Only $49
Over $400 Value

Freedom Essential Kit $199
Over $400 Value

  Be The Change Kit $599
Over $1,200 Value

All Starter Kits include a pack of 50 postcards, 50 order forms, 10 Business Opportunity packets and 25 Making A Difference flyers.

Be A Social Seller

Share on social, at Pop-Up shops, and out-and-about

Average Income Per Month: $290-$450*

Average hours per week: 3-5

Have A Flexible Part-Time Career

Be a strong seller and add a few friends to your tribe

Average Income Per Month: $600-$2,900*

Average hours per week: 8-14

Make It A Career

Grow your tribe and help them sell and grow their tribes

Average Income Per Month: $3,200-$17,000*+

Average hours per week: 18-30+

When you sell Crowned Free products, you are providing life-changing opportunities of employment to the survivors who make over 50% of our collection.

With your help Crowned Free gives back a portion of all profits to organizations in the US, and around the world who are working to restore hope in the women who have escaped human trafficking and exploitation.

At pop-up shops, Crowned Free Representatives have the opportunity to connect their friends purchases with stories of courage, hope and redemption. Each item in our collection represents a step forward in the life of someone who has been trafficked.

Pop-Up Shop

Crowned Free Pop-Up shops happen when girlfriends gather whether in a home or online. Your hostess gathers her friends and using your sample kit, you provide the boutique. Your hostess will earn free and half-priced items and you’ll get paid to party.

Coaching and Mentoring

Share your business with your friends and invite them to become social entrepreneurs. The more you mentor your team and help them sell, the more your income grows.  Crowned Free is more than just fashion, it’s an opportunity to join a movement and help change the world.


Crowned Free was created so woman can run their own business and make an impact in the lives of survivors of human trafficking. We financially support and create sustainable jobs for survivors of human trafficking. Every purchase creates opportunities for a survivor and gives our social entrepreneurs  flexible income and an opportunity to run their own business. That’s fashion that makes an impact.

What Is Human Trafficking?

Representative Interview

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*The earnings estimates above are based on average Pop-Up show sales and are not necessarily representative of the income that a representative can or will earn. There are no guarantees that a Representative will earn any income. Like any business, the success of each Representative depends on her unique abilities, skills and how much time and personal effort she dedicates to her business.

For more details about the Crowned Free Compensation Plan, reach out to our Rep Care team or email repcare@crownedfree.com.